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The subject of this posting may sound like the title of a cheesy Sci-Fi novel, but rest assured that one of the newest published patent applications from four of billg's Redmond Cabal's developers from across the pond, reads even worse!

As Rod Serling might have blogged about billg's boyz ... Imagine if you will, a company trapped in a world and a time not its own ...

Of course the IdeaCop(tm) is talking about the latest and greatest ...
United States Patent Application 20060021054
Containment of Worms

Wanting to get down and dirty with this one, we need only refer you to Claim 1

"1. One or more computer readable media containing computer readable instructions that, when implemented, perform a method comprising:

a) receiving an instruction to write or store received information in a first portion of a memory of a computing system;

b) associating a first dirty indicator with the first portion of the memory, the first dirty indicator indicating `dirty` if the received information is received from an untrusted source or from a fourth portion of the memory with a fourth dirty indicator indicating `dirty`;

c) receiving an instruction to load the received information into a program counter or to execute the received information; and

d) providing an indication of a program vulnerability if the first dirty indicator indicates `dirty`. "

Ignoring for the moment, the obvious questions about what happened to the second and third dirty indicators (is that how billg counts, e.g., one for you, four for me?) , after reading this claim, we would have thought a more appropriate title for the application would have been "Four Strikes and You're Out!" ... but that is just us and perhaps the authors figured that the sports metaphor did not jibe with the science fiction genre of worms.

And of course, in keeping with Mr. Serling's possible postings in connection with the seemingly eternal vulnerability of the Microsoft operating systems to attach, he might add ...

A giant who stood only inches tall; A company of peace who lived and fought in a time of war; A company forever bound by nostalgic love to its roots in a small town, but powerfully drawn to the bright lights and golden opportunities of the big city; A company courageously committed to its duties as a citizen of humanity, yet a victim itself of bigotry and hatred ... A company that may have lived too long, though its life was cut tragically short. Imagine all this, and you might begin to understand the soul of the company we call ... Microsoft.

Not wanting to bore the readers any more than we have already, IN ORDER TO STOP THIS PATENT INSANITY!, we will cut to the chase and post our selection of potentially material prior art references to this application for your further review, enjoyment and enhancement in the attached file. The readers are encouraged to post their comments and further references .. or better yet, to contact the MSFT Patent Attorney of record on this case
REDMOND WA 98052-6399



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