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What have you got to lose?

Big Beans from IBM ... or just some gas?

Beans, Beans, Beans ...
'The Navy gets the gravy, but the Army gets the beans', or so that old song performed by Jerry Lewis went ...

But it seems to the IdeaCop(tm) that the folks from Armonk, apparently on a war footing, have taken their proximity to the West Point Miltary Academy a bit too far this time, coming up with little more than gas in this pending application. We bet the wizards from Installshield(r) had thought of this years ago.

United States Patent Application 20050125788
Wizard-based installation package with run-time debugging support

Typically we might just recommend a dose of BEANO for the problem, but in the event the patient won't take the meds, can't we try to stop this patent insanity?!?

The IdeaCop(tm) has come up with some potential prior art references in the attached file for your collective review.

Post your comments and alternative references. Help the USPTO do its job!

The IBM Patent Attorney on this case is
Jeffrey S. LaBaw
International Business Machines
Intellectual Property Law
11400 Burnet Road
Austin TX 78758

Drop him a line or two about your views on this:



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