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What have you got to lose?

Catch Curve throws one to Biscom, Inc.

And just when everyone who is anyone thought that FAXing was Passé, Michael McLaughlin and Ryan Strong of Catch Curve, Inc., an Atlanta-based, self-described "intellectual property development and licensing firm" (note the lack of any reference therein to technology development) announced recently that it has filed a new patent infringement lawsuit under the AudioFAX portfolio against Biscom, Inc. Catch Curve is seeking monetary damages for past infringement and an injunction to prohibit Biscom from continuing to infringe against the AudioFAX patents.

We may have, in Catch Curve, found a new contender in IdeaCop's PatenTroll(tm) Awards for best performance in a serial litigation series or maybe we just had some weak willed defendants. Hopefully, the folks at Biscom will put up a better fight.

Since IdeaCop(tm) would be the first to admit that it faxed its last fax a long time ago, we may be completely off base here even proposing that the USPTO missed some relevant prior art for the Catch Curve AudioFAX patents, but we will keep trying to do our part for Mother Country and all of that by supplying in the attached file, to interested parties, some starting points for their quest.

For this exercise, we, somewhat at random, selected one of the AudioFAX patents, namely, US Pat No. 4,994,926.



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