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eBay wants to Crash Your Wedding!

Getting closer to Spring, when eBay's thoughts turn to ... Money! ... and how to make more of it off the prospective Brides and Bridegrooms.

Well, perhaps Meg Whitman is just getting old(er) and greedy. As if it was not enough that she wants you to pay her to sell your unwanted post-nuptial gifts on, instead of Craigslist, but now she wants you to pay her to list your gift registry at the online mall in the first place!

United States Patent Application 20050108109
Method to provide a gift registry in an online mall
see full text at

Is this double dipping enough to make you want to elope?!

Dunno, but can't we try to stop this patent insanity?!?

The IdeaCop(tm) has come up with some potential prior art references in the attached file for your collective review.

Post your comments and alternative references. Help the USPTO do its job!

The eBay Patent Attorney on this case is
Benjamin C Armitage
Schwegman, Lundberg, Woessner
& Kluth
1600 TCF Tower
121 S. 8th Street
Minneapolis MN 55402

Drop him a line or two about your views on this:



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