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Golden Bridge Technology Spreads the BS

As in BS-spread-spectrum transmitters, that is.

AHEM ... Now that we have your attention, it has come to the IdeaCop(tm)'s attention that Golden Bridge Technology, Inc. has filed suit against LG Electronics Mobilecomm USA., Inc. in the US district Court for the Eastern District of Texas on January 11, 2006, alleging infringement of US Patent No. 6,574,267.

For those of you who know more about cellular telephone technology that we do and if you are reading this then you likely qualify, we trust the posting of potentially material prior art may interest you and in fact with any luck may give LG a head start on its defense for the patent in play.

If you are really up to it and think the patent is invalid, go out and buy a LG cellular product but in any event, post your comments and alternative references.

Better yet, contact the parties!
Elmer Yuen - CEO
Mimi Hsu – Patent Administrator
Golden Bridge Technology, Inc.
198 Brighton Av
Long Branch NJ 07740

Michael K. Ahn, CEO
LG Electronics Mobilecomm USA., Inc
10225 Willow Creek Rd.
San Diego, CA 92131


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