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Hey Computer Associates, Install THIS!

Is it just us? Or does this smack of same old same old to anyone else?
The inventor is from Australia, but we are pretty sure that even down under the technology is more advanced than portrayed here.

We quote:

"The system and method in one aspect collects information about all products and components being installed from a centralized user interface, before the actual installation is performed ... The collected information is then stored centrally. Thereafter, subsequent installations, whether on the same or different machine locations, access this information for the subsequent installation procedure."

United States Patent Application 20050262503
Distributed installation configuration system and method

Are they serious? Or is this just a NY lawyer trying to make some news?
Dunno, but can't we try to stop this patent insanity?!?

The IdeaCop(tm) has come up with some potential prior art references in the attached file for your collective review.

Post your comments and alternative references. Help the USPTO do its job!

The Computer Associates Patent Attorney on this case is
Richard F. Jaworski, Esq.
Cooper & Dunham LLP
1185 Avenue of the Americas
New York NY 10036

Drop him a line or two about your views on this:


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