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MPAA Now wants to PROBE your Personal Info

Let us see if we understand this correctly ... up until now the MPAA was content with just harassing people for viewing movies (Great Business Model, eh?), but now the geniuses there want to PROBE your personal info to restrict even more of your rights.

United States Patent Application 20050192902
Digital rights management using multiple independent parameters

As they put it ... "use of independent parameters (e.g., "who," "what" and "how many") to determine a threat index" What is this all about? Maybe they just want a job at the NSA?

Dunno, but can't we try to stop this patent insanity?!?

The IdeaCop(tm) has come up with some potential prior art references in the attached file for your collective review.

Post your comments and alternative references. Help the USPTO do its job!

The MPAA Attorney on this case is
Brian M. Berliner
400 South Hope Street
Los Angeles CA 90071-2899

Drop him a line or two about your views on this:



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