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MSFT & YAHOO locked up by Softvault

Breaking News for tech companies all over the place including Microsoft & Yahoo and it ain't the good kind :-(

SoftVault Systems, Inc., who call themselves "a Washington-based intellectual property company", (We understand that their motto is PLEASE DON'T CALL US TROLLS!!!) seems to have filed a slew of patent infringement suits on 1/11/2006 in the US District Court for the Eastern District of Texas.

We always like it when a company explains the scope of their patents on their website, as Softvault does so that people other than Patent Geeks can try to understand the invention. Of course that is just our opinion ... the plaintiff's trial counsel may have another take on that if it turns out that there is some conflict between the plain meaning of the patent and what the website says the invention is ... but that is just legal mumbojumbo, right? And it's too late to delete it now, it's on the 'net! ;-)

At any rate, the IdeaCop(tm) was never one to waste time quibbling over Candor, Enablement or other esoteric things, so we will just stick to what we know best, (which some may say ain't much, but we is what we is) and that is to publish a list of what we consider to be potentially materially relevant prior art, which we have done in the attached file.

As always, we invite you folks to post comments and alternative references and/or contact the counsel for the parties:

For Softvault:
Edward W. Goldstein
Goldstein & Faucett
1177 West Loop South, Fourth Floor
Houston, Texas 77027
Telephone: (713) 877-1515
Fax: (713) 877-1145

and what the hell, why waste time with MSFT lawyers:
Steve Ballmer
Microsoft Corporation
One Microsoft Way
Redmond, WA 98052-6399

And likewise with the YAHOO's in Sunnyvale:
Michael J. Callahan, Sr VP, General Counsel and Secretary
Yahoo! Inc.
701 First Avenue
Sunnyvale, California 94089



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