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OH S.A.I.C. ... By The Dawn's Early Light ...

A patriotic note if anything heralds in the spooks (just to be clear ... in this context that is slang for spies) at Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) who have been around since landing some government money back in 1969, then amassing one of the largest caches of government contracts for covert, hush hush, double-secret scientific stuff over the intervening decades. The IdeaCop(tm) wonders aloud how a company manages to do that much government work? Was Jack Abramoff's father involved? Nevermind.

We pick up on SAIC's recently published application for an underwater intrusion detection apparatus ... United States Patent Application 20060018198 for an Acoustic fence

Now one would not think that there would be a whole lotta prior art in this ... let's call it 'niche' technology ... but the IdeaCop(tm) begs to differ.

We ALSO like the broad Claim No. 1
"1. A sonar sensor system for determining if a potential underwater intruder passes within a protective boundary, the sonar system comprising: a first sonar sensor module comprising: a first sonar array that has a first sonar radiation pattern, wherein the first sonar radiation pattern is essentially omni-directional in a first underwater region; and a first data collection module that collects first sonar data of a target from the first sonar array; a second sonar sensor module comprising: a second sonar array that has a second sonar radiation pattern, wherein the second sonar radiation pattern is essentially omni-directional in a second underwater region; and a second data collection module that collects second sonar data of the target from the second sonar array; and a processor that obtains the first sonar data and that obtains the second sonar data, wherein the processor processes the first sonar data and the second sonar data in order to determine whether the target is deemed to be a threatening underwater intruder. " and hope that for God and Country's sake, not to mention the SAIC bottom line that the examiner feels likewise.

But since this patent application does not seem to offer enough information to enable the staff here to make anything work, we just suppose that we ain't ordinarily skilled in the art of building underwater fences and we will leave it at that. We are confident however that our readers are not so unduly constrained capability-wise and that they, accordingly will enjoy our list of what we consider to be potentially materially relevant prior art, which we have done in the attached file.

As always, we invite you folks to post comments and alternative references and/or contact the counsel for SAIC:



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