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Twenty Japanese Giants Sue US Processor Patent Holder

We seem to be running into a virtual Tsunami of patent lawsuits from Japan with one being reported by The Register which notes that almost two dozen Japanese electronics companies have together filed five lawsuits against US intellectual property holding company Patriot Scientific. The lawsuits ask the US District Court in Oakland, California to declare three patents held by Patriot to be invalid.

We know it is not very Patriotic for the IdeaCop(tm) to be suggesting the attached list of potential prior art to the technology as detailed in US patent number 5,809,336

But sometimes we have to take the side of the Samurai, keeping in mind that there is always the chance that we will be wrong and Patriot Scientific will prevail.

After all, can AMD have been wrong in February 2005, when Intel's arch-rival, made an unspecified investment in Patriot to license the technology and other patents?

Dunno but you can join in on the fun, by posting your comments and alternative references.



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