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What have you got to lose?

We had Fun, Fun, Fun, until Solomon Took My Toyota Hybrid Away

With apologies to Brian Wilson & Mike Love of the Beach Boys, AutoBlog reports that Toyota hybrids may be banned for patent infringement. A complaint filed with United States International Trade Commission (ITC) last week alleges that technology employed in the company's Hybrid Synergy Drive componentry illegally infringes upon Solomon Technology, Inc.'s U.S. Patent Number 5,067,932. Solomon Technologies had already filed a similar motion in the US District Court for the Middle District of Florida, Tampa division in September of 2005.

We'll we will put our money on the folks from the Land of the Samurai, but just in case their Occidental lawyers need some help getting the engine cranked over on the defense, the IdeaCop(tm) has come up with some references in the attached file for their use.

Post your comments and alternative references. Help the Keep the Toyota Hybrid running!


At 7:09 AM, Anonymous said...

Or gee, maybe the patent violation is real? They won't stop production or sales of the Prius, they'll just pay a hefty fine.

At 7:09 AM, Anonymous said...

NO shi#$%@, Sure Looks like (see price at solm.ob) some reasonably smart people think it is a valid claim.. see the following... (quoted from the SEC filing proxy notice of 7.7.2004)..

also, I am not sayin this is Solomon and Toyota, but someone else sure thinks there could be some gains to be had?

Look up Grace Mathews

(D'Amelio) or his prior company TACC (see bio below)

and MIntz, COhen Law? surely, they must have no faith in the lawsuit. they are just scum bad DC lawyers chasing a big company?

Take a look at your own link to the patent and tell us where you think it veers from reasonable?

I am buying stock like a whore. sell me yours or short me, if you think it will go down. I'll happily cover all you got or want.

sure, it is speculative. but what you got to lose?

list of directors (partial, see proxy for full docs at sec website).

Gary M. Laskowski, Director (Series A Preferred Stockholder Director). Mr.
Laskowski has been a director of our company since May 2004. Mr. Laskowski is a
principal and founder of Venture Partners, a private investment bank founded in
1986. Mr. Laskowski served as a member of the consulting operation of Technology
Transitions Incorporated, a venture capital firm, and prior to that in a number
of roles, including Vice President, Marketing, for Canberra Industries, Inc., a
supplier of data acquisition and analysis systems. Mr. Laskowski serves on the
boards of a number of companies involved in electronics, power systems and,
software development. Mr. Laskowski holds a Bachelor's Degree in Electrical
Engineering from the University of Connecticut.

Michael D'Amelio, Director (Series A Preferred Stockholder Director). Mr.
D'Amelio has been our secretary and a director of our company since May 2004.
Mr. D'Amelio is the Managing Director and founder of JMC Venture Partners LLC.
JMC is a private equity fund that focuses on manufacturing, distribution and
manufacturing technology. In addition, Mr. D'Amelio is a partner in the
investment banking firm of Grace Matthews. Prior to founding JMC, Mr. D'Amelio
served as President and CEO of TACC International Corporation, a specialty
chemical manufacturer with facilities located throughout the United States which
was subsequently sold to a Fortune 500 buyer. Mr. D'Amelio serves on numerous
corporate boards and committees and is a graduate of Northeastern University
with a BS in Management.

Jonathan D. Betts, Director Nominee (Series A Preferred Stockholder Director).
Mr. Betts is principal and founder of Venture Partners, a private investment
bank, founded in 1986. Mr. Betts previously served as a member of the consulting
operation of Technology Transitions Incorporated, a venture capital firm and as
Regional Sales Manager for Medical Electronics Corporation, a critical care
medical instrumentation manufacturer. Mr. Betts has a Bachelor's Degree in
Electrical Engineering from Boston University.

At 7:31 AM, Anonymous said...

Ignorance is rampant here in this blog. (1)If the USITC rules in favor of SOLM the only punishment the USITC can impose is to block further importation of Toyota products infringing upon the said patent. There is no 'big fine' as the ITC has no such power. (2) The original inventor showed the patented design to Toyota in the early nineties, something Toyota has not denied, and they said they were not interested in the design yet less than ten years later they debut their hybrids utilizing the design or one close to it. I am not an engineer but did study mechanical engineering at one time and my money, literally my money, is betting on SOLM. (3) If Toyota wasn't worried they they would not have filed a defensive coutersuit in Japanese court and secondly TOYOTA has nevered questioned the validity of SOLM's patent. (4) If the USITC rules in SOLM's favor the next step is the US based lawsuit to start in the Spring '07. (5) The so called 'electronic wheel' which is common used to refer to SOLM's patented design is in my opinion a pretty solid patent because of the unique implementation of power independently or variably or locked with the sun and planetary gears. Cool stuff according to biggies at NASA and thus the reason it was used on the NASA Mars exploxer.

Disclaimer: I am an investor in SOLM. Do your own research.

At 6:15 AM, Anonymous said...

Thought I might back up some of this with my own research. The way I read/write this story from several hours of searching and reading over the last five months, SOLM has a lawsuit against Toyota for infringement of its long ago secured patents. In the early 90s the precursor of SOLM accomplished a leap in electronic engine design, was awarded US patents on said technology and that technology was even evaluated, endorsed and finally used in the NASA Mars explorer vehicle on the surface of Mars in the late nineties. SOLM claims that the Toyota hybrids infringe on its commonly called 'electric transaxle' patent; a claim that might be pretty secure on the surface since SOLM showed the ‘electric transaxle’ patented design to Toyota in the early ‘90s. Seven or eight years go by and Shazam! Toyota debuts it’s own hybrid utilizing [according to SOLM] Solomon’s patented technology. According to 'experts' their claim appears to be valid and is up for ruling by the feds, I think the USITC, in Jan. 18th, 2007. With USITC ruling in hand it is expected that Toyota will have to cave and pay-up rather than let the lawsuit go to court next Spring '07 thus expecting to infuse $100s of millions of dollars into a company overnight with just 10 employees roughly. That is the big enchilada in the short term. The further upside is that after Toyota antes up, GM and all hybrid manufacturers will have to pay up also since the 'electronic transaxle' is an irreplaceable part of the standard hybrid design. A higher up type at NASA predicts the 'electronic wheel & transaxle' will be in use far into the foreseeable future, well into the 22nd century. In my opinion if you want have a chance of getting a piece of the action you better get onboard while the price is low. Once the institution investors get involved the price will be much more than now. That is only my opinion, I personally think this is the chance of lifetime but then again I am trying to cash in myself. The last thing I want to add to this blog is that his SOLM company has a successful, though small, track record with this technology in marine applications. I am into boats and their technology is being embraced by many top of the line yacht designers not to mention the new deal with mainstreamer, Hobie Cats. Enough said.

MY DISCLAIMER: I am an investor and I am biased in my opinions about these claims.


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