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Where's Carly Fiorina When We Need Her?

We know Ms Fiorina got the axe in February, 2005, but we figured that if she were still around when this GB dog-bone was filed in the US on July 8, 2005, that perhaps, it would never have been filed in the US, knowing what a cost-conscious exec that she was (at least excluding the private jets, hob-knobbing parties, etc.)

We will ignore the British spelling issues in the application but ... REALLY! ... is a patent to be issued on the cutting edge idea of:

"A computer program arranged to analyse a specification for a process, the process involving two or more stages, and involving processing of stored data, the program being arranged to: analyse automatically the specification of the process to identify database accesses, and determine automatically how to reduce the amount of database accesses."

What is next? Patenting a way to zip up one's fly on the way out of the Loo, only after making certain that one's 'equipment' is safely tucked away? GIVE US A BREAK! We are pretty sure that Carly would never have stood for that.

United States Patent Application 20060020925
Analysing a multi stage process

Ordinarily we might just recommend a pint or three of good English beer to eliminate memory of this, but in the event the USPTO lets this one slip through, can't we try to stop this patent insanity?!?

The IdeaCop(tm) has come up with some potential prior art references in the attached file for your collective review.

Post your comments and alternative references. Help the USPTO do its job!

HP Patent Attorneys on this case are
P O BOX 272400, 3404 E. HARMONY ROAD
FORT COLLINS CO 80527-2400


Robert Popa
Ladas and Parry
5670 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 2100
Los Angeles CA US 90036



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