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Macrovision redefines the word "SPARSE"

OK, we know Alfred J. Amoroso, who insiders tell us, would rather be called 'Fred' than 'Al' (and can you blame him?) along with those other DRM-afiles (a.k.a., control freaks) at Macrovision Corporation, have come up with a gem of a patent application, 20050216433, entitled, "Identification of input files using reference files associated with nodes of a sparse binary tree," which we know is a mouthful, but that is not the point, note the use of the word sparse. Apparently a series of ONE HUNDRED AND FOURTEEN CLAIMS is Freddie's idea of sparse!

Even though Fred's Curriculum Vitae reads like the travelogue of Ferdinand Magellan, we can't believe that that alone was the genesis of the long winded patent claims list. Then again, we could be wrong.

But the subject was 'trees' so let's not beat around the bush on this one. Perhaps they could have at least partially trimmed the burden on the poor USPTO examiner by axing Claim 1, which reads as follows ...

"1. A method for matching an input audio file with a plurality of reference audio files, comprising: identifying potential matches of an input audio file among a plurality of reference audio files based upon at least one common characteristic; and searching for a match of the input audio file among the potential matches. "

Ummm... is that cutting edge or what??? How else does one ordinarily match stuff? Perhaps Fred will just threaten to cut-off the DRM rights of the examiner's cable box CD's or iPod if the patent does not issue? We hope not ... for all concerned. If there is one thing this world does not need is an entertainment-denied patent examiner!

So that we too are not accused of being long winded, we will cut this review short, but we trust that the readers of this blog will take up the challenge as the IdeaCop(tm) has done and review the attached file of potentially material prior art references for the case.

Better yet, contact the Macrovision Patent Dept Attorney and STOP THE PATENT MADNESS!!

Loren Hillberg, General Counsel
Macrovision Corporation
C/O Patent Department
2830 De La Cruz Boulevard
Santa Clara, CA 95050
Phone: (408) 562-8400
Fax: (408) 567-1800


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