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Apple is now trying to Patent Computerized Back-ups?


Steve Jobs leaves town for a few days to get some R&R to try to figure out who or what was "robbing (him) of proteins", and all of a sudden the nuts start running the asylum? In fact, we have it on no-good account that the publication of this patent application on June 4, 2009, was the real impetus behind Steve's resurrection. He took one look at this thing and sped off to work to make sure that Tim Cook was not tapping into someone's medical marijuana stash at the old HQ.

It begs the question if this is Apple's blitzkrieg to capture The Cloud? Or is everyone in the western edge of the Santa Clara Valley just lost in the fog (cloud) of war?

Good thing that ThinkSecret no longer is on the case, else the premature disclosure of this cutting edge invention surely would have raised some unibrows in Cupertino.

BTW, do you think this was part of the real motivation in Apple's pursuit of ThinkSecret? We know that you are thinking "huh?" But wait ... this Patent Application was filed with the USPTO on December 3, 2007. And check out the date (Dec 20th 2007) of this Engadget posting by Ryan Block about TS's demise. And you thought we never read Engadget? No, we read it, as we once a day need something to put ourselves to sleep.

We can't even begin to describe how ridiculous this pending patent application is (but that never stopped us before, so we will try). We suspect that even the biggest MAC fan boy would cringe (secretly, no doubt) about this one.

If you 'need to know' please read on, as this blog post may self-destruct in thirty seconds. In any event, we will assuredly disavow any knowledge of our actions.

US Patent Application 20090144341 "Ad Hoc Data Storage Network" lists as it principal claim ...
1. A method comprising:detecting a number of devices in a network that can store at least a portion of a data archive; determining data to be archived on the device based on a data archive policy that takes into account data value; and initiating archiving of at least a portion of the data on one or more devices in the network based on the data archive policy.

WOW! That really is cutting edge! Imagine that ... a method of backing up data!

Oh, we see, the claim is limited to only "archiving of at least a portion of the data on one or more devices in the network based on the data archive policy"

We also note that these two doubtless geniuses, Jerry Hauck and Michael Culbert, from AppleHQ also note that "Offsite backup services also have disadvantages." We should applaud them for that gem. We are sure the patent examiner, not to mention the public at large, would have not anticipated that given all of the Cloud hype of late.

TGFApple is all we can say, as someone needs to make Google patent applications look less ridiculous.

At least Apple, perhaps inadvertantely, did entitle it appropriately as it is an "Ad Hoc" system since they never intended it to be universally applicable, except perhaps, in an outrageously expensive MacBook.

AND ... If you feel that this is another travesty being foisted upon the USPTO, let your voice be heard by contacting the Attorney of Record on this case

PO BOX 1022
Telephone: 612-335-5070
Facsimile: 612-288-9696
Managing principal: Mark S. Ellinger

or better yet, go to the source, or rather the Core of the Apple
(and please refrain from joking with him about their street address)

Richard J Lutton
Chief Patent Counsel
Apple Inc.
1 Infinite Loop
Cupertino CA 95014
telephone: 404-974-9453


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