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Bill Gates invents a Method to Close the Cloud Door after the Horse is Lost

Yes, we know that billg as his (one? Balmer?) friend calls him (and as you may know bill does not want any new friends) retired from MSFT what seems like AGES ago.

But we were perusing the USPTO servers today and a relatively newly published application listing Billy as an inventor caught our eyes, namely one entitled CLOUD-BASED ACCESS CONTROL LIST

We figure that any application listing the richest man in the world as an inventor had to be worthwhile, and so we read the text and found, to our dismay, that this one really was, in the vernacular of the stables, a nag. (probably why Billy is not the first named inventor - plausibly deniable and all that, you know - that it was his idea if push came to shove?) But doesn't the law require that bill swear an Oath that the application sets forth his beliefs? Oh Well. Who reads this stuff, anyway? Bill is a busy man.

As far as we can tell, the idea offered here is that the average cloud computer user is too stupid, or at least too lazy, to figure out who should have access to all of the user's cloud-resident data, according to Billy et. al.

AND ... THESE (following) ARE HIS (Bill GATES') WORDS (probably based upon his personal experience of seeing so many folks paying $1000's for buggy MSFT code over the decades?) ... not OURS ....

"Traditionally, with respect to auditing and controlling access to data, users are often expected to act as extremely sophisticated system administrators that can automatically configure access control lists (ACLs) with respect to all of their information. However, the reality is that most users do not even understand the notions/concepts of a hierarchical tree structure"

So now that we know why Gates has no real friends, we thought that we would just leave you folks with one more pearl of wisdom from the Application that perfectly articulates, why this tome should be relegated to the waste heap of tech that never was ...

"A system that can assist users to manage a personal active directory for all of their information maintained within a cloud-based environment is provided. The identity of a client that accesses data is monitored and recorded in a log.

"As well, the system can track how information is being accessed (or attempted to be accessed) by other people therefore, giving the owner of the information the opportunity to restrict or allow access based upon any number of recorded factors"

SOOOO... What Billy seems to have come up with is something we quite frankly would NOT have thought would meet the USPTO Section 101 criteria of 'useful', insofar as it seems that restricting access AFTER the undesirable party has left the proverbial cloud barn, was not really a great idea.

But, with all of that MSFT patent attorney money, we will probably see the patent examiner just cave, and allow it to issue.

We trust that some of our readers will stay up all night worrying about this not knowing what to do. To help them out, we recommend that they ring up the attorney of record and voice their collective concerns

We may want to alert the Examiner on the case, Paul V. Kulik to some IBM art that may be relevant, to wit: US Patent No. 5,911,143

Or we may just want to pass it along to Bill's Counsel and see if they care.


ph. 216-696-8730


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