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What have you got to lose?

Bill Gates invents a Method to Close the Cloud Door after the Horse is Lost

Yes, we know that billg as his (one? Balmer?) friend calls him (and as you may know bill does not want any new friends) retired from MSFT what seems like AGES ago.

But we were perusing the USPTO servers today and a relatively newly published application listing Billy as an inventor caught our eyes, namely one entitled CLOUD-BASED ACCESS CONTROL LIST

We figure that any application listing the richest man in the world as an inventor had to be worthwhile, and so we read the text and found, to our dismay, that this one really was, in the vernacular of the stables, a nag. (probably why Billy is not the first named inventor - plausibly deniable and all that, you know - that it was his idea if push came to shove?) But doesn't the law require that bill swear an Oath that the application sets forth his beliefs? Oh Well. Who reads this stuff, anyway? Bill is a busy man.

As far as we can tell, the idea offered here is that the average cloud computer user is too stupid, or at least too lazy, to figure out who should have access to all of the user's cloud-resident data, according to Billy et. al.

AND ... THESE (following) ARE HIS (Bill GATES') WORDS (probably based upon his personal experience of seeing so many folks paying $1000's for buggy MSFT code over the decades?) ... not OURS ....

"Traditionally, with respect to auditing and controlling access to data, users are often expected to act as extremely sophisticated system administrators that can automatically configure access control lists (ACLs) with respect to all of their information. However, the reality is that most users do not even understand the notions/concepts of a hierarchical tree structure"

So now that we know why Gates has no real friends, we thought that we would just leave you folks with one more pearl of wisdom from the Application that perfectly articulates, why this tome should be relegated to the waste heap of tech that never was ...

"A system that can assist users to manage a personal active directory for all of their information maintained within a cloud-based environment is provided. The identity of a client that accesses data is monitored and recorded in a log.

"As well, the system can track how information is being accessed (or attempted to be accessed) by other people therefore, giving the owner of the information the opportunity to restrict or allow access based upon any number of recorded factors"

SOOOO... What Billy seems to have come up with is something we quite frankly would NOT have thought would meet the USPTO Section 101 criteria of 'useful', insofar as it seems that restricting access AFTER the undesirable party has left the proverbial cloud barn, was not really a great idea.

But, with all of that MSFT patent attorney money, we will probably see the patent examiner just cave, and allow it to issue.

We trust that some of our readers will stay up all night worrying about this not knowing what to do. To help them out, we recommend that they ring up the attorney of record and voice their collective concerns

We may want to alert the Examiner on the case, Paul V. Kulik to some IBM art that may be relevant, to wit: US Patent No. 5,911,143

Or we may just want to pass it along to Bill's Counsel and see if they care.


ph. 216-696-8730

Apple Invents a Means to Make Obnoxious Cell Phone Users Even More Annoying!

We REALLY hope that, contrary to press reports, Steve Jobs is NOT working every day yet. In fact we dearly hope that he took the July 4th week off so that he was not in the office on July 2, 2009, when the USPTO published yet another in a string of absurdities, a.k.a. Apple Inc.'s Patent Application No.20090171670 entitled "Systems and methods for altering speech during cellular phone use".

Steverino needs his rest and this "invention" ain't going to help him in that department.

When we first scanned this week's offerings and 'spied' this gem, we assumed from the title, that the boyz from Cupertinotown were working for the NSA or some other super-secret org helping to make the world safe for Apple's pie, iTunes and capitalism, solely we must admit based upon the intriguing title.

But alas, we were wrong.

Upon closer examination, we found the ABSTRACT reading as follows:

The present invention includes systems and methods for altering a cellular phone user's speech so that the speech can be less bothersome to third parties in the surrounding area and so that the user has more privacy. Sound cancellation can be used to ... modify the user's voice ... so that the user's voice cannot be understood. Furthermore, the user device can encourage the user to speak in a lower voice. The user device can accomplish this encouragement by indicating to the user their level of speech. In this manner, the user knows when he may lower his voice and yet still provide an adequate volume of speech for the cellular phone. Additionally, the user device can encourage the user to speak in a lower voice by audibly playing back the user's voice in real time.

But, being the perennial optimists that we are, and notwithstanding having our spy thriller moment bubble burst, we nonetheless wanted to posit some observations on the merits of this novelty, or more honestly, the lack thereof.

To do so let's set the tone as to what the case is all about, as far as we can see.
  1. The idea comprises the method of blending into the noise of a user's voice, a secondary sound source (i.e. MORE NOISE) and PROJECTING that secondary sound into the space around the cell phone (e.g., the bystanders' ears!).
  2. The Einsteins at Apple (Robert Bailey (Cupertino, CA) ; Lawrence Heyl (Colchester, VT) ; Stephan Schell (Cupertino, CA)) all contend that this Vocal Embodiment of Projectile Vomiting will alter a user's voice so that it is less annoying and bothersome to third parties. We hope the prototype is used next to their cubicle for extensive testing.
  3. Additionally, they contend that it can provide more privacy for the user.
Hmmm... this is something.

Perhaps the idea is to use an Air-Raid siren to mask the noise created by the cell phone caller's voice. While we agree that will probably work, we diverge from Apple in their contention that the result will be "less annoying and bothersome to third parties." We must be dense.

On the other hand, riot police in Tehran, the G W Bush Administration through FOX News, Hizzonner Mayor Richard J Daley during the 1968 Chicago riots (ooops we may be dating ourselves there) and dictators elsewhere have employed similar methodologies with various degrees of success over the decades, so maybe Apple is onto something here.

On the other hand, we do agree with Apple that it may in fact "provide more privacy for the user" since as we envision it, the people around the phone will flee, providing the miscreant caller with all the privacy in the world and we suspect that this is what Apple means by "preventative feedback."

We suppose Apple will call that a draw.

What really struck us as odd, and folks, that is quite the accomplishment when it comes to reading Apple Patent Applications, was the proferred contention that use of this technique is expected to "encourage the user to speak more quietly."

Hmmmm.... we have a better idea, why not just have the cell phone transmit a voice to the earpiece of the phone so that the caller will hear a message saying something like, "please keep your voice down during the call" and should that not work and the call continues, then a louder "SHUT UP!" would be dispatched.

Or maybe that is what Apple's counsel had in mind when they wrote: "Once the user is made aware of her own voice's volume, she can know when she is speaking too loudly and may then subsequently lower her voice." We guess that is 21st century parenting.

We could only wish that some of Apple's patent attorneys would have a similar device attached to their workstations so that when they are presented with absurdities like this case, that a similar negative feedback signal would be invoked until the abandonment. We hope the examiner at the USPTO is not deaf to our views.

AND ... If you feel that this is another travesty being foisted upon the USPTO or in this case, humanity, let your voice be heard by contacting the Attorneys of Record on this case

1177 Avenue of the Americas
New York NY 10036
Telephone 212.715.9100
Fax 212.715.8000
Managing Partner: Paul S Pearlman

or better yet, go to the source, or rather the Core of the Apple
(and please refrain from joking with him about their street address)

Richard J Lutton
Chief Patent Counsel
Apple Inc.
1 Infinite Loop
Cupertino CA 95014
telephone: 404-974-9453

Disney Tries to Patent Your Summer Vacation (even a virtual one)

OK, we have been doing this for quite sometime now with appropriate time off for good behavior, as readers of this Blog will no doubt know (both of them, including our conservator). BUT while we are routinely surprised, but rarely appalled, by the outlandish hi jinks foisted upon the public in general and the USPTO specifically by the less inhibited so-called patent professionals amongst us, we have to admit that this one by the obviously not too selfless heirs to the Magic Kingdom takes the proverbial cake.

In fact, as former undocumented but nonetheless loyal members of the Mickey Mouse Club in the gold old days, we have to believe in our heart of hearts that if he was watching down upon us from on high, that Old Uncle Walt would come crashing down to wreak havoc on the Keepers of the Kingdom to address this unbelievably crass attempt to invoke the power of the sovereign ruler of Intellectual Property rights in the gold ole USA for purposes which we have to admit are not clear to us (other than perhaps to make a buck or two).

But enough pontification on the vicissitudes of fortune or lack thereof in this case with respect to the fortune of the citizens and taxpayers of the US, not to mention the poor folks trying to scrape together enough jing to take the kids on a summer restbit to one of those overpriced venues which are continuously pumped into the kids' brains on the DISNEY CHANNEL ignoring for the present the overly intellectual and obviously family-values oriented athletes (via their customary pseudo-spontaneous parting comments upon winning their respective Olympic events between tokes or bowl games just before the cortisone? shot) as THE place to be (despite the mandatory fingerprinting at the gate), we nonetheless feel the urgent need to bring forth to the collective attention of the population at large what we have uncovered today.

Our objective is simple and we believe magnanimous, that is, in order to perchance enlist the assistance of (other members of) the great unwashed masses and to head this off before some overworked examiner at the USPTO just gives up (after comparing the length of his/her docket to the depth of Disney's pockets to fund the filing of seemingly endless rounds of continuations and appeals) and rubber stamps it into a first action allowance, to wit:

On June 11, 2009, the USPTO published a Patent Application No. 20090149265, entitled, "Method and system for customizing a theme park experience", (as you will note from the title, one would expect some problems, and folks ... it does not get prettier, but if you're game, read on ...

The ABSTRACT (in simple actuality and in descriptive embodiment, in fact, it seems) reads as follows:

"There is provided a method of customizing a theme park experience comprising designating a theme park experience motif, selecting customizable features associated with the designated motif, and assembling the designated motif and the selected customizable features into a custom virtual theme park experience suitable for adaptation as a customized theme park experience. In one embodiment, the method includes hosting the custom virtual theme park experience, rating the popularity of the custom virtual theme park experience among a community of users, and adapting the custom virtual theme park experience to a customized theme park experience. "

Now this is just what the country needs, ain't it?

As an aside, it occurred to us that we may want to thank goodness that Disney does not sell consumer electronics or computers, as this is about as novel as the feedback blogs on the millions of web pages for the past ten years. And thank goodness they are not in the travel business either since ... never mind.

If things were not already expensive enough for the average Joe or Josephine to cobble together the wherewithal for gasoline, sandwiches and the rest to keep the kids from writing off the whole summer and while we are embroiled in two (at least) wars, with the economy in the crapper and has been for over a year, ... now four inventive (their characterization no doubt, not ours) folks at Disney Enterprises have come up with a way to preclude the most imaginative among us from even fantasizing about a trip to an amusement park. Now THAT is what we call brutal capitalism. Lovely.

But what really appeals to us is not so much the substance (there is some, isn't there?) of the application, but rather the uncanny ability of the drafter thereof to so eloquently articulate the essence of the invention, and in such a professional way ....

A method and system for customizing a theme park experience, substantially as shown in and/or described in connection with at least one of the figures, as set forth more completely in the claims"

Now THAT IS (patent) HUBRIS! How succinct! How Magnificent! How sublime! Word-smithing does not adequately describe the toil and travail that went into that opus.

We won't even mention the self-serving reference to Bill Murray. Please check it out. Hopefully you will not have eaten within twelve hours prior to reading the application. You have been warned and thus we will not be responsible for any aspiration vomitus that may occur. Come to think of it, don't eat that week. And we cannot resist ... the reference was to a 1993 R Rated film (reportedly for sexuality, language, violence and drug content), a fact apparently lost on the drafter. Maybe Disney no longer cares about such things.

Now, one might think, that surely the folks at DISNEY would quote and distinguish a slew of prior art to prevent the uninformed among us to content that this case was just so much hooey. Alas, we could not find it. Perhaps it is such a novel and horrific thought that this could issue into a United States Letters Patent, that our eyes became blinded as those of Lot's wife, when gazing upon local real estate.

We trust that the drafter who likely will want to remain anonymous, will claim (no pun) that his/her/its intent in being so brief, was only to help the examiner and public out by economizing on words to read, not to mention that (we suspect) DISNEY will be claiming appropriate carbon credits for the paper, toner and bandwidth savings accruing therefrom. Nonetheless, we would likewise hope that all like and RIGHT-MINDED people will rise up and smell the coffee, seeing this application for what it truly is .... Well this is a family-friendly Blog so we choose not to be more specific but we trust you get the gist.

If there is a silver lining in all of this, and we always hope that there is, the contact details for the destination of any and all complaints, comments or other platitudes from the proletariat (as the application drafter may typically characterize the sources of any criticism just or unjust as it may be) are relatively simple:

ATTN Farshad Farjami

Just do it AFTER any trip to the Kingdom(s) since you would not want to be on that list when the prints are reconciled to the face at the gate.

We would have referred the readers to contact someone actually residing at Disney directly about this, but as one will note from this recent post, there seems to be a vacancy at least at ABC. We hope this is filled by the time your eyes gaze upon this.

Then again, if any of you want to apply, to take a more proactive role ...

The Senior Vice President, Legal Affairs will be the chief legal counsel for Disney ABC Cable Networks Group (“CNG”), responsible for the overall management of all legal issues relating to CNG and the effectiveness of the Legal Affairs department for CNG.

Apple is now trying to Patent Computerized Back-ups?


Steve Jobs leaves town for a few days to get some R&R to try to figure out who or what was "robbing (him) of proteins", and all of a sudden the nuts start running the asylum? In fact, we have it on no-good account that the publication of this patent application on June 4, 2009, was the real impetus behind Steve's resurrection. He took one look at this thing and sped off to work to make sure that Tim Cook was not tapping into someone's medical marijuana stash at the old HQ.

It begs the question if this is Apple's blitzkrieg to capture The Cloud? Or is everyone in the western edge of the Santa Clara Valley just lost in the fog (cloud) of war?

Good thing that ThinkSecret no longer is on the case, else the premature disclosure of this cutting edge invention surely would have raised some unibrows in Cupertino.

BTW, do you think this was part of the real motivation in Apple's pursuit of ThinkSecret? We know that you are thinking "huh?" But wait ... this Patent Application was filed with the USPTO on December 3, 2007. And check out the date (Dec 20th 2007) of this Engadget posting by Ryan Block about TS's demise. And you thought we never read Engadget? No, we read it, as we once a day need something to put ourselves to sleep.

We can't even begin to describe how ridiculous this pending patent application is (but that never stopped us before, so we will try). We suspect that even the biggest MAC fan boy would cringe (secretly, no doubt) about this one.

If you 'need to know' please read on, as this blog post may self-destruct in thirty seconds. In any event, we will assuredly disavow any knowledge of our actions.

US Patent Application 20090144341 "Ad Hoc Data Storage Network" lists as it principal claim ...
1. A method comprising:detecting a number of devices in a network that can store at least a portion of a data archive; determining data to be archived on the device based on a data archive policy that takes into account data value; and initiating archiving of at least a portion of the data on one or more devices in the network based on the data archive policy.

WOW! That really is cutting edge! Imagine that ... a method of backing up data!

Oh, we see, the claim is limited to only "archiving of at least a portion of the data on one or more devices in the network based on the data archive policy"

We also note that these two doubtless geniuses, Jerry Hauck and Michael Culbert, from AppleHQ also note that "Offsite backup services also have disadvantages." We should applaud them for that gem. We are sure the patent examiner, not to mention the public at large, would have not anticipated that given all of the Cloud hype of late.

TGFApple is all we can say, as someone needs to make Google patent applications look less ridiculous.

At least Apple, perhaps inadvertantely, did entitle it appropriately as it is an "Ad Hoc" system since they never intended it to be universally applicable, except perhaps, in an outrageously expensive MacBook.

AND ... If you feel that this is another travesty being foisted upon the USPTO, let your voice be heard by contacting the Attorney of Record on this case

PO BOX 1022
Telephone: 612-335-5070
Facsimile: 612-288-9696
Managing principal: Mark S. Ellinger

or better yet, go to the source, or rather the Core of the Apple
(and please refrain from joking with him about their street address)

Richard J Lutton
Chief Patent Counsel
Apple Inc.
1 Infinite Loop
Cupertino CA 95014
telephone: 404-974-9453

Macrovision redefines the word "SPARSE"

OK, we know Alfred J. Amoroso, who insiders tell us, would rather be called 'Fred' than 'Al' (and can you blame him?) along with those other DRM-afiles (a.k.a., control freaks) at Macrovision Corporation, have come up with a gem of a patent application, 20050216433, entitled, "Identification of input files using reference files associated with nodes of a sparse binary tree," which we know is a mouthful, but that is not the point, note the use of the word sparse. Apparently a series of ONE HUNDRED AND FOURTEEN CLAIMS is Freddie's idea of sparse!

Even though Fred's Curriculum Vitae reads like the travelogue of Ferdinand Magellan, we can't believe that that alone was the genesis of the long winded patent claims list. Then again, we could be wrong.

But the subject was 'trees' so let's not beat around the bush on this one. Perhaps they could have at least partially trimmed the burden on the poor USPTO examiner by axing Claim 1, which reads as follows ...

"1. A method for matching an input audio file with a plurality of reference audio files, comprising: identifying potential matches of an input audio file among a plurality of reference audio files based upon at least one common characteristic; and searching for a match of the input audio file among the potential matches. "

Ummm... is that cutting edge or what??? How else does one ordinarily match stuff? Perhaps Fred will just threaten to cut-off the DRM rights of the examiner's cable box CD's or iPod if the patent does not issue? We hope not ... for all concerned. If there is one thing this world does not need is an entertainment-denied patent examiner!

So that we too are not accused of being long winded, we will cut this review short, but we trust that the readers of this blog will take up the challenge as the IdeaCop(tm) has done and review the attached file of potentially material prior art references for the case.

Better yet, contact the Macrovision Patent Dept Attorney and STOP THE PATENT MADNESS!!

Loren Hillberg, General Counsel
Macrovision Corporation
C/O Patent Department
2830 De La Cruz Boulevard
Santa Clara, CA 95050
Phone: (408) 562-8400
Fax: (408) 567-1800

Scott McNealy's Warm Personal Vibrator!

Our first thought was that it was just Scott McNealy's longing for those good old COMDEX days spent by the Sun Microsystems' crew at the now closed Westward Ho! Motel on the Las Vegas Strip and where some of the readers of the IdeaCop(tm) no doubt will recall was one of the few places on the Strip, that for a mere 25 cents one could use the vibrating bed machine in each room after a stressful day on the exhibit floor (which self-pleasure appliances were, just like the SPARC Station, retrospectively, useless 'cutting edge' technology), but we are wondering ... is all of this what still causes Scott to spend money like a drunken sailor in continuing to prosecute this dead dog patent application no. 20020180693 entitled, Computer input device having heating and/or vibrating elements ?

After all, the application was filed just at the peak of Silicon Bust in June 0f 2001. But that, in and of itself, can't explain, to us, at least, why on earth Scott is continuing to flog a dead horse, notwithstanding the apparent draw of a warm vibrator, which Scott could use as an input device and keep close to his personal computer. Well, we suppose there has to be some come-on to sell Sun machines these days.

Oh, just like the maid cleaning up a dingy room at the Westward Ho, potentially material prior art for the subject patent application has to be exposed and shown the light of day and ... to the extent that it can help with that task, the IdeaCop will meet that challenge head-on, so to speak.

LET US MAKKE ONE THING CLEAR at the outset ... the IdeaCop(tm) is not known for, nor knows much about the design, operation or disposal of personal vibrators, warm or otherwise, so it may be that this is indeed a valuable, new, useful and unobvious invention, but in the event that one or more of our readers feels differently, they are encouraged to explore the potentially material references contained in the attached file and/or post their own references, to STOP THIS PATENT INSANITY!
Or better yet, contact SUN's Attorney

Meyertons, Hood, Kivlin, Kowert & Goetzel, P.C.
The Chase Building
700 Lavaca
Suite 800
Austin TX 78701-3102
Phone: (512) 853-8800
FAX: (512) 853-8801


The subject of this posting may sound like the title of a cheesy Sci-Fi novel, but rest assured that one of the newest published patent applications from four of billg's Redmond Cabal's developers from across the pond, reads even worse!

As Rod Serling might have blogged about billg's boyz ... Imagine if you will, a company trapped in a world and a time not its own ...

Of course the IdeaCop(tm) is talking about the latest and greatest ...
United States Patent Application 20060021054
Containment of Worms

Wanting to get down and dirty with this one, we need only refer you to Claim 1

"1. One or more computer readable media containing computer readable instructions that, when implemented, perform a method comprising:

a) receiving an instruction to write or store received information in a first portion of a memory of a computing system;

b) associating a first dirty indicator with the first portion of the memory, the first dirty indicator indicating `dirty` if the received information is received from an untrusted source or from a fourth portion of the memory with a fourth dirty indicator indicating `dirty`;

c) receiving an instruction to load the received information into a program counter or to execute the received information; and

d) providing an indication of a program vulnerability if the first dirty indicator indicates `dirty`. "

Ignoring for the moment, the obvious questions about what happened to the second and third dirty indicators (is that how billg counts, e.g., one for you, four for me?) , after reading this claim, we would have thought a more appropriate title for the application would have been "Four Strikes and You're Out!" ... but that is just us and perhaps the authors figured that the sports metaphor did not jibe with the science fiction genre of worms.

And of course, in keeping with Mr. Serling's possible postings in connection with the seemingly eternal vulnerability of the Microsoft operating systems to attach, he might add ...

A giant who stood only inches tall; A company of peace who lived and fought in a time of war; A company forever bound by nostalgic love to its roots in a small town, but powerfully drawn to the bright lights and golden opportunities of the big city; A company courageously committed to its duties as a citizen of humanity, yet a victim itself of bigotry and hatred ... A company that may have lived too long, though its life was cut tragically short. Imagine all this, and you might begin to understand the soul of the company we call ... Microsoft.

Not wanting to bore the readers any more than we have already, IN ORDER TO STOP THIS PATENT INSANITY!, we will cut to the chase and post our selection of potentially material prior art references to this application for your further review, enjoyment and enhancement in the attached file. The readers are encouraged to post their comments and further references .. or better yet, to contact the MSFT Patent Attorney of record on this case
REDMOND WA 98052-6399


SUN MICRO Offers a Pause that Refreshes - NOT

Scott McNeilly must be getting desperate.
Sun Microsystems, Inc. has filed

United States Patent Application 20060020831
Method and appratus (sic) for power throttling in a multi-thread processor.

Claim 1 reads as follows:

1. A method for controlling power consumption in a processor, the method comprising: fetching instructions to be executed in a processor pipeline; issuing the instructions to be executed in the processor pipeline; executing the instructions in the processor pipeline; and inputting M stalls into the pipeline every N instruction cycles, based on a power management inputwherein M and N are integer values and wherein M is less than N.

As far as the IdeaCop(tm) can determine the only inventive aspect of this 'idea' may be the novel use of the word 'stall.'

We would have and, in fact have, called it a pause when we used such techniques a thousand times in programming code, but what do we know?

Then again, perhaps they are just making amens for the misspelling of apparatus in the title?

We are relieved, however, that SUN recognized that M must be less than N, else the thing would likely not work at all but we suppose that the claim would not have been complete without that limitation.

WAIT! If we could just get it to work with M>N, perhaps we really would have something interesting!

The IdeaCop(tm) is not known for, nor knows much about, pausing nor resting, so it may be that this is indeed a valuable, new, useful and unobvious invention, but in the event that one or more of our readers feels differently, they are encouraged to explore the potentially material references contained in the attached file and/or post their own references, to STOP THIS PATENT INSANITY!

Or better yet, contact SUN's Attorney (in this case, Patent Agent) on this matter
Mark Brightwell
The Chase Building
700 Lavaca, Suite 800
Austin, Texas 78701-3102

OH S.A.I.C. ... By The Dawn's Early Light ...

A patriotic note if anything heralds in the spooks (just to be clear ... in this context that is slang for spies) at Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) who have been around since landing some government money back in 1969, then amassing one of the largest caches of government contracts for covert, hush hush, double-secret scientific stuff over the intervening decades. The IdeaCop(tm) wonders aloud how a company manages to do that much government work? Was Jack Abramoff's father involved? Nevermind.

We pick up on SAIC's recently published application for an underwater intrusion detection apparatus ... United States Patent Application 20060018198 for an Acoustic fence

Now one would not think that there would be a whole lotta prior art in this ... let's call it 'niche' technology ... but the IdeaCop(tm) begs to differ.

We ALSO like the broad Claim No. 1
"1. A sonar sensor system for determining if a potential underwater intruder passes within a protective boundary, the sonar system comprising: a first sonar sensor module comprising: a first sonar array that has a first sonar radiation pattern, wherein the first sonar radiation pattern is essentially omni-directional in a first underwater region; and a first data collection module that collects first sonar data of a target from the first sonar array; a second sonar sensor module comprising: a second sonar array that has a second sonar radiation pattern, wherein the second sonar radiation pattern is essentially omni-directional in a second underwater region; and a second data collection module that collects second sonar data of the target from the second sonar array; and a processor that obtains the first sonar data and that obtains the second sonar data, wherein the processor processes the first sonar data and the second sonar data in order to determine whether the target is deemed to be a threatening underwater intruder. " and hope that for God and Country's sake, not to mention the SAIC bottom line that the examiner feels likewise.

But since this patent application does not seem to offer enough information to enable the staff here to make anything work, we just suppose that we ain't ordinarily skilled in the art of building underwater fences and we will leave it at that. We are confident however that our readers are not so unduly constrained capability-wise and that they, accordingly will enjoy our list of what we consider to be potentially materially relevant prior art, which we have done in the attached file.

As always, we invite you folks to post comments and alternative references and/or contact the counsel for SAIC:


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